Pet Care


Drop-In Visits - 30 minutes


Dog  Walking - 30 minutes


Dog  Walking - 60 minutes


Important note: I work on the Rover app but I also work freelance taking payments from Venmo or Paypal. Off Rover walks include pictures from the walk and a text with how the walk went (if they went potty etc). I do walks, visits, feedings and medication for dogs and cats. 

Friendly local dog walker/sitter

I've worked at a handful of local animal-related businesses, such as pet hospitals and non profits centered around dogs, cats and everything to do with them! I genuinely love meeting and walking new dogs. I have a lot of experience dog and cat sitting - which happened naturally because I love animals (and honestly prefer them to people). I also love dog walking because I'm trying to get more physically active.

I currently moved to Oakland but am not far from my service area which is mostly Emeryville. This is the 65th and Hollis area by a pedestrian/bike path that is perfect for taking the doggos out. Are you looking for dog walks or check in on (fed dinner, etc)? I can help you. 

I like to meet the dog before the first walk/visit so that we get a proper introduction and they'll know I'm not an intruder. I can also provide references when requested. Reviews can be found on my Rover profile!

Frequently asked questions

No, I walk dogs one on one. Only exception is if you have more than one dog [that needs a walk] and they obviously already know each other and live together I can totally walk them together.

I come to the house greet the dog and get them suited up for the walk (whether it's a harness or a leash). The goals are for them to go to the bathroom, exercise and do some sniffing. I will typically walk them around the block, when they go potty I take a note (and clean it up over course), I take pictures of the dog and aim for a chill easy going walk.

Usually check-ins are for cats or senior animals. I spend time with them playing and petting. I make sure they have water and food given if requested.  For cats I can clean the litter box as well.

No I am not a trainer but I can keep going with the commands they are learning or have learned (ie. Sit, stay, shake, etc). I am also not a dog trainer or a service animal trainer. I'm just a dog walker.

SO glad to report it hasn't happened yet in the 2+ years of doing pet care.  But if something occurs I will contact Rover if booked through there (they can help me solve the issue). If not I will follow your emergency instructions provided and contact you to let you know.  

About your pet If they have any allergies, especially to food or treats please let me know. If they have any health conditions that need to been kept an eye on also please be sure to let me know. 

Tips are much appreciated!

Additional Skills